Roger R.-C. Chen  (YE)

Tel+886-6-2757575 Ext. 65157


OfficeMath Building 405


FieldDifferential Geometry, Geometric Analysis

EducationPh.D., University of Utah (1987)
M.S., University of Illinois at Chicago (1983)
B.S., National Cheng Chih Univesity (1982)

Experience1999-  Professor, National Cheng Kung University
1996-1999  Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University
1990-1996  Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore
1989-1990  Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
1987-1989  Visiting Assitant Professor, University of Toledo

Selective Publication
  1. Roger Chen, and Jiaping Wang, Polynomial growth solutions to linear systems, (2004) (submitted)

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