Yo-YoYu-Yu Liu 劉育佑



Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

National Cheng Kung University

Email: yuyul [at] ncku.edu.tw

TEL: +886-6-2757575 EXT 65120

FAX: +886-6-2743191


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Publications / Preprints:

[4] Yu-Yu Liu, Jack Xin, Yifeng Yu. Turbulent Flame Speeds of G-equation Models in Unsteady Cellular Flows. Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena 8, 198-205 (2013).

[3] Yu-Yu Liu, Jack Xin, Yifeng Yu. A Numerical Study of Turbulent Flame Speeds of Curvature and Strain G-equations in Cellular Flows. Physica D 243 (2013), 20-31.

[2] Yu-Yu Liu, Jack Xin, Yifeng Yu. Asymptotics for Turbulent Flame Speeds of the Viscous G-equation Enhanced by Cellular and Shear Flows. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 202 (2011), 461–492.

[1] Yu-Yu Liu, Jack Xin, Yifeng Yu. Periodic Homogenization of G-equations and Viscosity Effects. Nonlinearity 23 (2010), 2351–2367.



(Fall 2013)         Calculus (1)      Dynamical Systems

(Spring 2013)   Calculus(2)        Intro to Diff Eq

(Fall 2012)         Calculus(1)