Gi-Ren Liu  (BE)
RankAssociate Professor

Tel+886-6-2757575 Ext. 65162


OfficeMath Building 202



EducationPh.D., National Taiwan University (2013)

Experience2020-  Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University
2016-2020 Assistant Professor, National Cheng Kung University

Selected Publications
  1. (with N.-R. Shieh) Scaling limits for some P.D.E. systems with random initial conditions, Stochastic Analysis and Applications 28 (2010), 505-522.
  2. (withN.-R.Shieh)Scalinglimitsfortime-fractionaldiffusion-wavesystemswithrandominitial data, Stochastics and Dynamics 10 (2010), 1-35.
  3. (with N.-R. Shieh) Homogenization of fractional kinetic equations with random initial data, Electronic Journal of Probability 16 (2011), 962-980.
  4. (with N.-R. Shieh) Multi-scaling limits for relativistic diffusion equations with random initial data, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 367 (2015), 3423-3446.
  5. (with Phone Lin, Yuguang Fang, and Y.-B. Lin) Optimal threshold policy for in-home smart grid with renewable generation integration, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 26 (2015), 1096-1105.
  6. Stochastic Wave Propagation in Maxwells Equations, Journal of Statistical Physics 158 (2015), 1126-1146.
  7. Modeling Mobile Ticket Dispenser System with Impatient Clerk, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (2016) (accepted to appear).
  8. (with P. Chen and A. Fannjiang) Phase Retrieval with One or Two Diffraction Patterns by Alternating Projections of the Null Vector. (preprint on Arxiv)